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Aam Sotto / Aam Papad (Bengal Famous)

Product Code: FFB253

This Aamsotto is sourced from market in Kolkata. This Aam Sotto is made out of mango pulp mixed with concentrated sugar solution and then sun dried and packed. This Aam Sotto is integral part of all Bengali kitchen and this is used to prepare various Bengali dishes. It can be preserved for months making it popular in the off season of mangoes.

Exact purchase Qty Is variable by (+ / -) 10 - 20% and chargeable accordingly as the shape, size and manual cutting process of the Fish & Poultry items. Variable (+/-) amount will be credited/debited into your wallet accordingly.

Bengali Aam Sotto (Aam Papad) - 400 gm (Net Wt) Figures specified here are approximated values.

Gross Wt: 400 gm
Net Wt: 400 gm
Brand Name:
Shelf Life:

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